Friday, September 26, 2008

Thoughts From Poisoned Dairy Product

We Chinese never focus on the national exemption system(NES) like today.

In fact, several years ago, someone put forward a proposal to cancel NES. At that time, one and another product approved by NES went into trouble. Now, when it is refered to some big milk brands like 三鹿、伊利、蒙牛, 三鹿 is the biggest brand for milk power and done the talking by many famous stars. 蒙牛 is the special use milk for Chinese Astronauts and 伊利 is done the talking by the world famous 110 hurdle athlete LiuXiang. Now more and more people wonder what the NES brings to us? Even thought the quality of a product is great and stable, who can promise there's nothing wrong with it all the time.

In my opinion, NES means testing department gives up it's legal responsibility.

I can't help asking why does NES exist in the competitive market nowadays?

I found the reason from the internet. NES's real purpose is to remove regional protectionism. Before NES was released, many big brands of products were refused because they were not approved by the local testing department. A local director of AQSIQ even said " No problems of products won't be detected if they are tested by me". Many companies complained to the general testing department, so NES was born. NES helps the big companies be bigger and break the block of local protectionism. But in my point of view, it's also a deprivation of rights from the local by the central.

I should say NES solved some problems for the big companies at it was released. But it ran counter to original purpose further and further as time goes by. On one hand, companies left no stones unturned to be proved by NES, on the other hand, the goverment green-lighted local companies out of identity of interests. Approving of layers and layers became decorations if all the relationships were put through(relationship means a lot in China).

From then on, the NES is just like a shoes with many holes gamed by all sides of interests and degenerated into a tool for collusion between officials and businessman.

But even so, I'm confident with the government. Let's rub our eyes and wait.

(Oh, I'm not good at writing this kind of article, let alone in English. I must have made many many mistakes because I even make some words like green-lighted by myself. Forgive my folly)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shenzhou 7th Spaceship Was Launched Tonight

Shenzhou means godlike ship. It's a series name of China's spaceship carrying people. The 7th held 3 astronauts to the space, and one of them will take a walk outside the spaceship. It's a very special time for all Chinese, especially us , the student of BUAA. Because many of the scientists studying the spaceship graduated from BUAA. You have known the Moon Festival, whose story is just a description of the dream we Chinese dreamt thousands years ago to explore the world outside the earth. And it came true after the footprint stepped by the American. Yes, that's a dream of all our mankinds.And I hope it's not a long time before we Chinese can land on the moon.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Today Is Full Of Fun

Saturday comes! It's a relax time, a celebration to get away temporarily from business of school work and to celebrate one of my roommate's 20th birthday. Seven of the eight roommates joined the celebration( the other guy just did his own business ). We advanced to the amusement park. Haha, it's unusual for us seven guys got together for entertainment outside except Karaoka. And we all enjoyed ourselves to the full. We did a lot of X-games in the amusement park. Of course X-games. What else can we do there! We didn't take our girl friends with us, besides, most of us don't have girl friends. You must feel sorry knowing it. Haha.
I'll show you some photos of me and my roommates, they are all cool guys!

This is the classical formation of the liberation army on the stage in the 60s.
Good background.
I and my bro on his birthday.
So horrible that I don't want to take another try. When the machine accelerated, my calf muscles draged me as if they are not mine.
We had a buffet dinner.
Two hours later... Isn't it ugly? Haha, don't take it seriously. It just happens when I eat food more than enough.
Do you know the hit machine? It's a game to test how strong of your blow. I defeated my two strongest guys with a score of 81t to 74t and 81t to 79t. Even I couldn't believe it. However, the price if high, I sprained my wrist because I eased my strength in advance. It is aching still.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The First Class Of The New Semester

Boring, this is the only word I can describe the first class. The course is named Operating System, which I'm very eager to learn. However, all the signs of the class tell me I've expected it too much. The key factor is the teacher. Though in the university, self-study is rather important, a good teacher can surely guide you to help you study faster and more effectively. It seems no hope for me to gain much from him. His voice is really bad. He doesn't have a strong accent, nor does his volume. But he talks just as he has not only one throat. Imagine what that would be like. You can hear something but can not catch it let alone keep it in mind. If you record his voice, maybe it can be a good music for sleep(Stu, maybe you can try it, haha).

Well, no matter how bad it is, I'll go on learning in my way. Hopefully, the next two classes in the afternoon can give me surprise!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A New Start

My junior semester will start tomorrow. I shall work hard from now on. Less games, less hesitation, more works on some meaningful things: improve my GPA, keep a good interaction with my friends, update my blog whenever I have some thoughts to share, improve my English etc. The tuition of this semester is three times larger than before, I can't afford it if i'm just playing through this semester. I have a clear goal: go to the US, a country of freedom. Nothing can help me to go there but the hardwork of myself. However, I don't think I'm the person who is strong enough to chase his dream to the end. Sometimes, I make the front big while the end small though I hate it. Why do I still can't find something to keep motivating me to step forward all the time? Is my life so good that makes me lose morale? No, I know it clearly that I'm not satisfied with my life now. I hate it I still earn my living depending on my parents when I'm this old. Perhaps I say too much and do too little. Shameful.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I watched the weight lifting of Paralympics

The weight lifting of both Olympics and Paralympics is held in one of the gyms of my university. Today my friend told me that the university student are free to watch the game, I quited my work at once heading for the gym.

There were so many audiences here at the gym. This was my first time to see so many disabled people on their wheelchairs. I adore them for their positive attitude to life. I'm not sure whether I'll be as strong as them if I'm disabled. I don't want to watch the Paralympics on TV, the only reason of that is I feel heart broken seeing so many disabled bodies. However, if I am the disabled athlete, I think I need audiences to support me, not avoiding eyesight. We should not just feel I'm sorry facing the disabled, I think we'd better treat them just like ordinary people.

As an audience, I think the competitive atmosphere is more or less coverd by the warm air of friendship and care. Every athlete, no matter win or lose, received a warm applause. Everyone is a winner just appearing on the stage. In my heart, I want to give each of the athlets a warm hug.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My cat died

My cat, as a matter of fact, she's my roommate's, died tonight, the full moon night. I write this article to memory her, although the time we spent is no more than four days, apparently we've built a relationship which make me really sad now.

She fell from the 6th foor, she wasn't killed at once, and when we found her, she's already there about 5 minutes. She fell down from the the dormitory opposite from the one next to us. Nobody know how she fell down. Is she murdered or is it just an accident? I can't believe someone will kill the lovely cat on purpose, if it was indeed caused by someone, he must don't meant to.

I watched her dying, she kept her eyes wide open, starring at me. I touched her hair, I felt the temperature of her skin was falling. She had no strength to breath, at intervals, she opened her mouth to take a cough. Her mouth and nose seep with blood. Just kept her eyes wide open, starring at me. Not too long, she died, with her eyes still open. I tried to close her eyes, failed.

When you don't have the ability to take care of an animal, don't do it. And it reminds me of my dog again. Wish you happy in paradise, the full moon witness.

Today is Mid-Autumn Festival

Tonight the moon will be the fullest ever, because it's Mid-Autumn Festival or you can call the Moon Festival. It's one of the three biggest troditional festivals in China. We have three-day holiday on this day. This is the time when families get together watching the moon. We have a rich dinner tonight. What make it different are the mooncakes and pomegrantates. 

There is a long story of the origin of the Moon Festival. I'll write it for short. Long long time ago, there were 10 suns in the sky, 9 of which were shot down by a man called Hou Yi. Hou Yi married a beautiful woman Chang Er. One day Hou Yi got a elixir from the queen mother of the west. Because it was only one, he couldn't take it for he don't want to leave her wife alone. So he let Chang Er keep it. But one of Houyi's prentices found where the elixir was hiden. When HouYi was out hunting, he forced Chang Er to take out the elixir, she tooke it instead of handing it out. So Chang Er flied away to the sky. She settled at the moon which is the nearest place to HouYi.

These are moon cakes we eat tonight.

This is my favorite poem about the Moon Festival. It's written by Su Shi(Song dynasty).
I 'll show you the English version.

"Thinking of You"

When will the moon be clear and bright?
With a cup of wine in my hand, I ask the blue sky.
I don't know what season it would be in the heavens on this night.
I'd like to ride the wind to fly home.
Yet I fear the crystal and jade mansions are much too high and cold for me.
Dancing with my moon-lit shadow
It does not seem like the human world
The moon rounds the red mansion Stoops to silk-pad doors
Shines upon the sleepless Bearing no grudge
Why does the moon tend to be full when people are apart?
People may have sorrow or joy, be near or far apart
The moon may be dim or bright, wax or wane
This has been going on since the beginning of time
May we all be blessed with longevity Though far apart, we are still able to share the beauty of the moon together.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The policy of religion in China

Every Chinese citizen is free to choose what God to believe. It's permitted by the law. If you are a party member of Chinese communist, that means you choose no god to believe. That's your choice, so don't say that there is no religious freedom for party members. The base of the theory of Chinese communist is Marxizm, a tatally materialism, which means we don't believe there is a god or soul.
In most countries, there's no collision between politicl belief and religious belief and always the latter has a deep influence on the former. Americans absolutely won't choose a man who is buddhist or Muslem as their president. The president of Arbic countries must be muslem. However only communist countries advocate atheism and all the things are based on science, which makes Americans think incredible.
Well, I don't believe there is a god. But I do believe someone believe there's a god and god blesses them. I believe miracles, and for someone who believe god, there is a miracle. Were there a God, I pray all my friends(especilly Charli) will be healthy all the time.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chapels In China

Though I'm not a Christian, I respect God. He saves my grandparents from despair, sorrow and loneliness. My grandpa died from cerebral thrombosis. When he was alive suffering the pain of illness, he couldn't talk or move. My grandma took care of him carefully. She had nothing to do but took care of him. One day, a group of people came to her house, brought god to her. From then on, she could read books, write characters and talk to people from the church. Everyday is substantial for her. I'm thankful for god, he does a really good thing for my grandma. It just remind me of the song When you believe...
There are many Christians in China, so are the chapels. I will show you some.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Magic 3D Photos


teapot and cup


dinosaur and rhinoceros

all of the fruits are 3D

For beginners, the recipe of watching these photos is to firstly watch close to the screen, then slowly turn your head back, while moving, don't let your eyes focus on the screen, but deeper into the screen. You'll get 3D characters all of a sudden. That's a scientific field of studying your right brain, which incharges your sense of space.
You may look at the photo for a very very long time with nothing comes out. Haha, if someone don't know will doubt whether you are hexxed!
My friends, just try! I won't cheat you.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Am I like a Chinese, a Japanese, a Korean or an Indian?

I took the photo in the dorm using the camera of my laptop. Not very clear.

I took part in a famous TV show "Special6+1"

Today, CCTV-2 broadcasted the show"special6+1" in which I took part as an audience 2 months ago(just the time summer vocation began).This show was for the coming Teacher's Day. I sat at the place nearest to the host, performers and dry ice emitter(it scared me to scream out several times during the record). I went with 2 of my roommates. The first row of audience are all girls except the three of us in the middle.
We were really lucky. Not only because of the girls surrounded with us, but also the host was always making eye contact with us while he was talking. They gave us a big chance to appear on the TV. HAHA. I phoned my parents to turn on the TV and watch me. To my surprise, they just couldn't recognize me! I pretended to be so angry that I said to my mom You don't miss me for you can't recognize me on TV! HaHa, Mom said she watched the TV so carefull that she almost cried. My mother is a really good mom. I'm not at home for 5 months just turn she crazy, let alone if my brother leave her for Japan.
It was funny during the record of the show. I think myself goodlooking enough to attract the camera lens so I behave myself seriously(scared by the dry ice emitter is an exception). My poor fellow was demanded to perform on the stage! His task was to follow what the fitness instructor had done. The instructor did push-up with her ankles upon a big soft ball, but he did it on his ass! All the audiences bursted into laughters.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Does it matter that let Grus japonensis be the national bird of China?

Red-crowned crane is selected to be candidate of the national bird of China by the public. And Forestry Bureau has submitted it to the higher authority, but they haven't received any reply yet. It's said that the focus of the discussion is " The Latin name of Red-crowned crane is Grus japonensis, which is not a sutible name for the national bird of China."

I think the reason why the Latin name of Red-crouned crane can raise such a big dispute is that many people hold narrow ethnic culture, which is not compatible with the modern cultural conception, such as openess, tolerance and sharing.

Also, the dispute implies people are not confident with their culture. For thousands of years, China is alway being the center of Asia, occupying the position of culture delivering, formed the cultural circle of Confucianism and became one of the most important culture types of the world. However, in the near 100 years, the culture delivering almost totally stopped, Chinese were no more confident with the cultural position and even ran to contendding cultural heritage with their little brothers in the circle.

Jiangling Rite is not Dragon boat festival, Korean Medicine is not equal to Chinese traditional medical science, lead printing type is not wooden printing type and Japanese characters are not totally equal to Chinese characters. The cultures considered as rubbish are now blooming in the countries nearby and still give a positive influence to the country and people. When they claim they own the culture value and made contributions to that, do we have face to argue with them? China is a big county, but many Chinese don't have a great-power mentality they should have.

Culture can be shared and in return sharing can extend the value of culture. I've seen a lot of Japanese paintings where red-crowned cranes are flying in the snow storm, not the same with Chinese painting where cranes are always with pine meaning long life. I don't study much about the cranes between Japanese and Chinese paintings, but what I often see in a disaster people made a thousand paper cranes giving each other and blessing which shows us it's not difficult to share our culture.

Of course, the judges of national bird is just a surface layer of the culture. How to restore the sense of worth broken up by the reality of the citizens is even more important. If our sense of culture is open, tolerant and multicomponent,and our spirit is confident, free and proud, how can the Grus japonensis be a debatable question?

Friday, September 5, 2008

This is my recording I HAVE A DREAM

I read it. I've no idea about of my pronunciation. Is that weird?

The Paralympic Games Is Coming

This show is called Thousand-armed Goddess of Mercy. It was performed by the deaf mute. You can see three teachers in different directions on the stage corner gesticulating to let them move with the rhythm of the music. They are so beautiful and strong. It's one of my favorite performance.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

It seems many people hate Chinese

This morning, I logged in AIM and went in the chat room, the first time. I said I'm a Chinese in public. Someone replied immediately, "I hate Chinese. " "Another Asian. " "They cheat." Upset indeed, I went out of the room, thinking " Is it a good choice to go to America? They hate Chinese. "

Always when I wake up, I will say "Have a good day!" to myself. However, I don't think I will have a good day now.

Google Map showes My Hometown

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

After the Earthquake, the Photo showes...

In the morning of August 30th, two dead bodies were digged out at a small village of Pan Zhi Hua(攀枝花). When the family were having dinner, the earthquake came all at once, the Mother protected her daughter from hurt using her own back as a shelf, whose hand was holding chopsticks with no time to drop. At the last step to death, the Mother still protected her daughter.

A Test On the New Explorer---Google Chrome

Google Chrome was released this morning. I couldn't want to download it and install.

I like the plain interface and the new function of address field. The connection speed is much improved compared to IE 7 and Firefox. However, I found some something inconvenient about Google Chrome. Take as an example, the characters and letters become smaller and ill-favored shown by Google Chrome. And it's not compatible with a lot of software. I just can't pick out the word for translation from the screen. I know all of these bugs will be removed quite soon 'cos it's very usual to meets all kinds of bugs when a product is released especially software. See how many plug-ins haven been added to windows XP.

Anyway, it's a good thing that Microsoft meet a strong opponent in the field of explorer.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

(Part 3) Learn Chinese---Make An Appointment

-挺 无聊的 是吧。我这儿 有个 好差事。
(PinYin: ting wuliaode shiba. wozhe'er youge haochaishi)
Nothing to do? I have a good news.
-说来 听听。
(PinYin: shuolai tingting)
Tell me about it.
-和我 去 798 吧?
(hewo qu qi-jiu-ba ba?)
Let's go to visit Beijing 798 Art Zone.
-哦?貌似 听说 过 那里。
(o? maosi tingshuo guo nali.)
Hmmm, it seems that I hear about it.
(lai bu?)
Will you come?
-什么 时候 啊?
(sheme shihou a?)
-后天,到 时候 定 吧。
(hou tian, dao shihou ding ba)
The day after tomorrow, we make it at that time.

Vagarious Custom for fishermen in My Hometown---The Taboo of Eating Fish

You shouldn't turn over the body of fish. As to cook a fish, you can only remove the viscus unable to eat to keep the whole shape of the fish for all kinds of fish except hairtail or eel which has a long body.

When eating the fish, usually, the host will first direct with his chopsticks to the fish to eat for the guest, and let the guest take the first bite to show his gracious hospitality. When one side of the fish is eaten up, remember, neither the host nor the guest can turn the fish over. The host will teach you how to eat without turning it over. In addition, you should not say "turn it over", either. Because "turn it over" means "turn the ship over". That's ominous for a fisherman.

Why "turn the fish over" means "turn the ship over"? In ancient Chinese, fish means dragon, someone called dragonfish. And ship means wooden dragon(you can often see dragon boat competition in Chinese traditional festival). So fish and ship have some relationship for fishermen.

Oh, that's just a custom for fisherman family. When my families are eating a fish, we don't care.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Funny Chinese school boys---Backdorm Boys

(Part 2) Learn Chinese: Greetings

-嘿,你好!(pinyin: hei, ni hao!) Hey, hello!
-好久不见了。(pinyin: hao jiu bu jian le.) Long time no see.
-是啊。(pinyin: shi a.) Yeah.
-最近你都干嘛呢?(pinyin: zui jin ni dou gan ma ne?) What are you doing these days?
-没干嘛,挺无聊的。(pinyin: mei gan ma, ting wu liao de.) Nothing, just bored.

These is the dialogue I used in the dining hall to greet one of my friend happen to meet today.

The tallest man and his wife

The tallest man Bao Xi Shun and his wife. More imformation about him are here

Marine Products, Fisherman of My hometown

There is no salmon in the sea area of my hometown. In China, salmon only can be seen in Hei Longjiang River( or Amur in Russian ) which is in the northest of China. Yes, I often see cod and tuna in the seafood market, but these kinds of fish are only shipped by ocean fleet. Normal fishermen owning a little ship cannot catch those kinds of fish.

My hometown is rich in Mackerel Fish(马鲛鱼), Shua Guang Fish(沙光鱼), Flathead Fish(狗腿鱼), Cymoglossus robustus(踏板鱼), hairtail(带鱼), Big Yellow Croaker(大黄鱼), Small Yellow Croaker(小黄鱼), Swimming Crab(梭子蟹), XiaPoPo(虾婆婆), Octopus(章鱼), Prawn(东方对虾) and many many other kinds of marine products. The English names of these kinds of fish may not be exactly correct, because nearly all of them only produced by my hometown and I eat them almost everyday before I come to Beijing. They are so delicious that I miss my hometown very much.
I will show you all the pictures about the marine products I've metioned.
(The order of the photos below is by the order of the name I mentioned)