Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chinese students prepare for GRE composition

Here is the method we Chinese students prepare for the GRE Argument composition part. Here is one of the template.
"Merely based on the unfounded assumption and dubious(suspicious) evidence, the statement draws the conclusion that __. To substantiate( support ) this conclusion, the arguer points out the evidence that__. In addtion, he indicates that__. Furthermore, he cites the result of a recent survery in support of this recommendation. At first glance, this argument appears to be somewhat convincing, but further reflection reveals that it omits. Some substantial concerns that should be addressed in the argument. From the logical perspective, this argument suffers from N logical flaws.."
I admit it's a good solution to argument writing. What I hate is Template. It limit our creative thinking. When Chinese students met with an argument, the template rather the true meaningful content occupies their brain. But, any formal documents are written in tempate way. So think it again, it makes sense.