Sunday, October 26, 2008


This afternoon, I went to an auditoria rather than church with a christian. It's a small room full of people. The priest stood in front of us, beside him is an Electronic Keyboard. No candles, no cross.
I'm so unfamiliar with the atmosphere, but not uncomfortable. They sang songs I never heard of before and murdered something strange. We asked to stand up and prayed for the God. Someone at this moment played the keyboard. And the priest said something while we are praying. I cried. I just couldn't hold myself.
Later was the teaching of the Bible. But I don't like the translation of it. I think I will look at the English version.
I just cannot understand why I cry so heavily at that time...

I bought a bike

I found a second-hand bike on the internet. We came to an agreement at the preliminary price of 200 yuan on the phone. The next day, I came to her campus to pay and get my bike.
Her beautiful face caught my breathe when I first met her. We asked each other's hometown and found we are half Lao Xiang( people of the same province ) for she is from Shanghai. I became dumb when I talked with her on the price. So I just payed her 200 yuan. I tried the bike in front of her and found it easy to ride, which proved to be wrong later.
I came back to the university riding the second-hand new bike. Damn, I just found it really an ass work to ride this bike. Perhaps I was too excited to ride in front of her just now. I just found an old lady rode faster than me on the street!
Finally I arrived at the university. I should buy a new lock, though there is one on the bike which seems not secure. The bike repairman said my bike was worth 100 yuan. I knew I was cheated. Now I was reminded the saying the more beautiful a woman looks, the easier it is for you to be cheated. Out of my expectation, she confessed to me that she sold the bike just at the price when she bought it which made her feel compunctious. So I let her to treat me a meal. She accpeted it. So I began wondering whether she has a boyfriend... Haha, it turned out to be a good deal to me!
Oh, I should tell you why should I equip my bike with two locks. Bike stealing is so rampant in our campus. If your bike is new, they will steal your bike; if your bike is shabby, they will steal your lock. Bless both of my bike and locks.

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Wonderful Day

This is a very special night to me. Very unexpected, a night I never imagined like that. It's a night perhaps will change my belief forever. My thoughts are so complicated right now that I have to hold on some minutes to write it down instead of going to study in the library.

I received a call by a stranger yesterday on my GRE course. It's a man's voice. He said he got my number from a Korean studying in China. But I don't know any Korean student studying in Beijing. He explained that if I remember the three Korean travellers whom I accompanied during the summer vocation. Then, I know why. He invited me to a party some time later. I accepted it.

I met him tonight at one of the dining halls of my university. He messaged me telling that he would arrive 3 minutes later than the appointment time and he arrived just 2 minutes later of it. I wonder what a guy he is for there seems no need informing someone with such a short delay. Finally, I met him. Shorter but bigger than me. What impressed me most is his face, very affable and kind. In a word, he is totally absent from what I've imagined from his voice on the phone.

We just ordered some simple dishes at the dining hall. Then we started chatting. I know he has worked for 7 years after gruduation, that means he's 8 years older than me. I suspected he's a gay, but immediately negated myself. Although he hasn't married, he has a gril friend and very happy to answer my questions about her. I'm very sorry to doubt this in my heart, but this is very strange talking with a guy you even don't know before for such a long time face to face. I just feel uncomfortable at first, though peaceful as the talking goes. The reason why I feel uncomfortable is that I have to avoid eye contact from time to time. When he look at somewhere I have to look at him to show that I'm interested in what he was talking and when he look at me, I have to switch my sight to somewher else and pretend it at ease. In fact, I like to watch people's eyes to see their heart but I'm shy to do so. Why can't we look at each others's eyes when we talking?

He is a Christian while I'm a party member. He believe God while I should believe nothing. He became a Chistian when he was senior. I have to metion it again that he is perhaps the most different person I've ever seen. He told me he seldom smile after he entered junior middle school because his parents get along with each other badly. It's normal for him to not to talk to anyone for a week. One day before he was introduced to the Bible and Jesus, he was puzzled at the problem What do I live for? He thought hard but failed to get the answer. A girl, one of his classmates appeared to him telling him something about God. If he was not trapped by the problem, he wouldn't have a try. But this time, he just tried. He joined a group of people. A man asked them a question What do you live for? He was shocked. It was the very problem bothered him alot. Someone said for money, someone thought for family...It was his turn. He said for love. The love between parents and children, between a man and a woman, between friends and between human and animals. From then on, he turned himself a christian slowly.

He once asked help for psychologists, but gained nothing from them. Howerver, when he got to Jesus, he began to smile, and it's sensed by all his classmates. I asked him if he hate his parents for their bad marrige. He said they gave him one thing very pricious is that don't accept bribes. Both of his parents are government officials who are party members. I couldn't ask him why they're not getting along with each other well, what I know is that they 're very upright and stubborn. He said he love his parents at a level. But after he became a christian, he love the God at the highest level and he love his parents at a much higher level than before. He had a hard time with his parents for what he's done and now he get along with him better and better. He spoke slowly and peaceful, I've never thought of a man who can give me so deep soul speeh. I just can't imagine. Yet, he did it, very honestly. I just forgot the age, we were chatting deeply and out of soul. He must be the person sent by God to meet me, or, why can he touch my inside with his holiness so truly.

I've told him that I was a party member on our first phone talking. At that time, I was a little proud of saying so. However, after I heard so much from him I just felt a little shameful to metion it again. I dare not but have to say I feel a pity to chose to believe nothing. I can sense the warmth thinking of God but refuse to confess. Hope is a beautiful thing and that's the gift God give us. When I'm hopeless and I choose nothing to believe, I'm lonely.

To my surprise, during our chatting, he greeted many students of BUAA. He is not a graduat from BUAA, how can he know so many students who are strangers to me. Because they are all christians. They know each other in the church. He greeted all of these christians so warmly, which impressed me a lot. And I stood up following him and greeted them asking if they are christians? They all answered yes without any hesitation.

Knowing that I plan to go to study abroad he invited me to join a party to be held the day after tomorrow. Most of the party members are returnees and christians. He thought I can gain something useful from them. What a kind man! What's more, we plan to go to church this weekend. You know, I've never been to the church. It's forbidden for party members to go to churches, however, I think I will still go to visit it.

A wonderful day, isn't it. Like a dream... I still cannot believe it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Rabbit Will Fly

This week I really gained a lot. All the courses, such as GIS, OS, Oracle, PL/SQL, Compiling, Java and Embeded System, went smoothly for me. I find the deeper I learn these courses, the more I seek fun from them. In additon to these required courses, I apply for labs from my teachers. Two for GIS and one for a on-line game. The professor gave me a task to check whether I'm qualified to join the lab team. I know how important the task is to me! So these days I'm trying hard to learn how to use the ArcGis software. I want to leave a deep impression on him with my work.
When I was walking between dorm and classroom, I think a lot. I think of my work to do, my parents, my friends and America. After I think all of it, I just accelerate my steps. I'm motivated.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Summary of This Week

Hey, friends. I'd like to let you know what I was doing this week. First, I should say sorry for not updating my blog often as before. Please forgive me. Because it's already eleven when I go back dorm and the electricity will be out of supply after half past eleven since the season went into fall. And sometimes when I have thouhts to share with you, it's no time; while when I have time, I just have no thought to share. The key words of my feeling of this week are: rich and busy.
Things make me happy:
1. My oracle teacher said I was a wise man! Haha, it just made me happy for total 3 minutes. He's a really kind old man. What he surprised me a lot is his complicated background. He was born in Japan, grew up in America, got a master's degree in Canada, and now live in China teaching us Oracle and English! His parents are Norweqians. I wonder what's his nationality. He said he is Chinese, but I don't think so. Whatever, he is really funny and kind. I like him and his teaching style. He sang songs while typing commands and said I like oolong cha(a kind of tea in China) while drinking tea. I never feel tired learning from him.
2. I learnt how to program on Redhat using Shell on the OS class. It's a great experience programming on Linux. Although now I can only write some simple commands on it, I think it won't be a long time when I can understand the kernel of Linux with hardwork on it.
3. I chose archery as my physical course this semester. I'm herculean(I just learn this word from GRE course today) as I can full draw easily. I'm quite good at shooting. I got the highest score at the rifle competition during the millitary training at my first year in the university. So perhaps I can do well in archery. It's strang that an image of Cupid just thrilled through my mind. Is he good at archery? lol
4. Today I went to GRE course. The course is held by the most famous educational services in China called New Oriental. It cost me 1580yuan($200) but it worth the money as soon as I took the first class. It's probably the most brilliant teacher I've ever met. Today he taught us wrting, and tomorrow, there 'll be another teacher to teach us reading. I'm looking forward to another excellent speech.

It's only one week after the holiday, but we all busy with our works. I like the high pace. It's a great feeling that everyday you learn something and everyday you can surprise yourself by what you've learnt today. My buddy call me to have a game with him. I'll accept the invitation. After all, it's the first game this week, I have to relax myself a bit.

Monday, October 6, 2008

My Desktop

This is my desktop, in the middle is my timetable.


Today is special to me, because it seems that many things that can make me unhappy just happened all together. What's strange is that I can't figure out what upset me clearly. Let me just tell you about all these things.
This semester is really different from those of the first two years in the university. I've told you about it. The fee is three times higher, the schoolworks ask for more teamwork. It's wise to have good students as your team members, then your school work will be going smoothly. We have decided all of the members of our team before the national holiday and some of them are my good friends. However, when I came back to school, things changed. Some of them just went to other teams leaving their promises behind. I'm not happy about it, but I've nothing to say. If they want, let it be.
During the first two years of university, I did nothing but was digging a tomb of myself. Online games, absent from classes, being cold with people(I did not realize it until one day one my buddy told me I was always talking about world of warcraft and I seem to live in another world like a mummy. I knew I had been cold ).I hate online games, or rather, I hate myself. I'm a fool knowing that I'll feel regret for what I've done today but kept on playing the game. Now I do feel regret, totally. Now, I should pay for that. And today it's just the beginning. I'm ready mentally.
Two years of wasting time makes me not just gain less knowledge but the fewer experiences of working with students around me. I treated them coldly and they turned it back. I should not complain, that's what I deserve to.
So, it's a big deep tomb! See what I have done. Damn it. Is it too late to be a better man? I don't know. But whatever, I'll have a try. I've quited online games for half a year, and I think I'll never pick it up if I'm still a student. Just do it. I finally join a great team letting them know it's a big deal having me as a team member(haha).
Yes, I will never pick up on-line games. You see, I'm very happy writing this blog. I like share all of my thoughts with you, my friend. Once a buddy on AIM said to me that you're really like to interact with people. He's right. But do you know why. Because I've been too silent with people the first two years but I'm not a silent guy. So now, I really appreciate the interaction of our friendship with you. It's a far better feeling than that of world of warcraft.
These days I'm trying hard to apply for the lab of one of my professors. Though it's tough, I'll keep improving myself to meet the requirements of the position. The tasks of this semester are really challenging. I have to learn GIS (geography information system), Operating System, compile theory, Java and Oracle. What's more, English! I have to pass GRE and TOEFL in one year. Ohhhhhhhhh, now my blood is boiling. I like to take challenges. Forget the fucking tomb, no one can block my way to success! Rabbit, go ahead!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Chinese songs

female singers
1.隐形的翅膀(Invisible wings)  by 张韶涵
2.那些花儿(that flower)  by 范玮琪
3.我愿意(I will)  by 王菲
4.但愿人长久(May we all be blessed with longevity, written by Su Shi) by 王菲
5.说爱你(say love you)  by 蔡依林
6.日不落(sun never fall)  by 蔡依林
7.欧若拉(Aurora)  by 张韶涵
8.寓言(fable) by 张韶涵
9.流年(fleeting time)  by 王菲
10.漫漫人生路(long long life road)  by 邓丽君
11.甜蜜蜜(sweet sweet sweet)  by 邓丽君
12.月亮之上(above the moon)  by 凤凰传奇
13.橄榄树(olive)  齐豫
14.乡间小路(country road) 齐豫
15.恰似你的温柔(your softness)  蔡琴
16.如果的事(if)  范玮琪
17.一个像夏天一个像秋天(one is like summer the other is like fall)  范玮琪
18.lydia  sang by f.i.r
19.我们的爱(our love)  f.i.r
20.绿光(green light)  孙燕姿
21.天路(road to heaven)   韩红
22.神话(myth)  韩红、孙楠

male singers
1.七里香(seven mile fragrant) 周杰伦
2.简单爱(simple love) 周杰伦
3.青花瓷(bule and white porcelain) 周杰伦
4.吻别(kiss goodbye) 张学友
5.大城小爱(big city small love) 王力宏
6.心中的日月(sun and moon in my heart) 王力宏
7.美人鱼(mermaid) 林俊杰
8.江南(river south) 林俊杰
9.十年(decade) 陈弈迅
10.敢不敢(dare you) 罗志祥
11. melody 陶喆
12.光辉岁月(glary time) beyond
13.无与伦比的美丽(uncomparable beauty) 苏打绿
14.曾经的你(you) 许巍
15.蓝莲花(blue lotus flower) 许巍
16.千里之外(thousand of miles away) 周杰伦、费玉清
17.快乐崇拜(happyness adorement) 潘玮柏、张韶涵
18.倾国倾城(Drop-dead gorgeous) 阿宝
19.童话(fairy tale) 光良
20.想太多(think too much) 李玖哲
21.月亮代表我的心(the moon represents my heart) 齐秦
22.大约在冬季(in winter) 齐秦
23.有没有人告诉你(if someone tell you) 张楚生

These music are of all kinds. It cost me so much time to paste each link. Hope you like it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back Home

Today is national day of China, we have a seven day long holiday. So I came back home to see my families. Yeah, after seven months away from home, I miss my dad, my mom and my brother very much. It's a one thousand kilometer railway from Beijing to my hometown. The train drags. It stops at every station, and my hometown is just the last station. There are nearly 20 stations. Each station costs 5 minutes on average and not take the slowing down into account. So all in all, it took me 15 hours on the train, and a delay of an hour! Fortunately, I could sleep on the train, bearing the loud cry of kids nearby, I had several breaks. Therefore, when I got out of the train, smelling the familiar moist air of hometown, I just got energetic, I'll see my mom!

My dad received me at the railway station. He caught sight of me before I recognized him! That pleased me a lot for last time at this place, he just couldn't find me from the crowd. That was not his fault, my poor dad because at that time I was so thin, wearing a hair uncut for months and dressing myself like a beggar. So this time, before I went out of school, I ate a lot, drank a lot and cut a lot to meet the expectation of all my families. Yes, I'll stay at home for only four days, so, whatever, I should behave myself as well as I can!

Mom is beautiful as always. I don't think she is a women at her 45. In comparison, my dad is quite old. Haha, I wonder how can my dad marry my mom, is there some tricks? And there's a bad news, my brother lost his hair and is marching on the group of the bald. After all, he is my funny brother, it seems that his head doesn't bother him any more. He even showed his fake hair in front of me and scared me saying that's the hair from a dead man. OMG. He knew I had seen a horror movie about that, so he scared me on purpose! Luckily, that's not from a dead man. That's for dead head, haha.

My mission of this holiday is chatting a lot, eating a lot and sleeping a lot. Oh, I'll show some photos about my home. Mom refuse to upload her photo on my blog. She said don't take photo on me when I'm not made up.