Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Awful songs sang by me are finished!

Finally, I met my promises to you. I sang it, recorded it and uploaded it. I regret making the promise to sing a christmas song. Now, it's your turn to regret for the bad voice is prepared for you to listen. lol.

Amazing Grace

And this audio can best describe what a hard job for me to learn to sing english songs. I ate tongue, lost the rhythm and misprononced the words. Anyway, it aches happily.

One night in Bangkok

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Archery Class Is Over

I love archery! But it comes an end. All of us passed the test. I made a score 3 rings above the acceptance rings. Not a good score taking my usual score into consideration. Anyway, I love archery.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Just Look Further

Addiction is without doubt a bad thing, really bad, especially to online games. I haven't played that for totally half an year. I'm peaceful, until today, they say something new with the game, my blood burned. Damn!
I was thinking...maybe I could creat a new game ID, play it slowly and leisurely so that it won't damage my studies. Bullshit! You can make as many excuses as you can if you want something. Just look further, what you'll gain from it. You won't be satisfied with such a low process, you would say I should do everything as well as I can including game, then you go into it again. See, two inner voices, they are battling.

You say you won't regret

You say you won't regret playing the game
I know you are comforting yourself
or just pretending to be a strong man
after you did the wrong thing

You said you were green hand
maybe you said it truly
maybe you just want to receive more praise
Someone think you are modest
but I often suspect it

You are regretting now
afraid of innuendo to yourself
Just a poem, little to do with truth
you are comforting yourself,
you are a fool